About Bath Guitar Lessons

I’m Jonny Scaramanga, Bath’s spikiest guitar teacher since 2002.

Here’s what I’ve done with my musical life so far:

I teach at the Bristol Institute of Modern Music (www.bimm.co.uk), GuitarBreak, the International Guitar Festivals (in Bath, Newcastle, London, and Cheltenham), and AudioJack.

When I’m not teaching, I tour and record with my own band, and with Kee Marcello, who was in Europe (Remember “The Final Countdown”?).

I’ve been a freelance writer for Total Guitar and Guitar Techniques magazines since 2006, and www.musicradar.com since it launched.

I’ve played on the BBC with Beverley Knight, and on ITV. I tend to keep a bit quiet about the ITV one, because it was playing guitar for the Stars In Their Eyes Kids live final. But it was with Cat Deeley, so it had its upsides.

I’ve worked with Paul Gilbert (Mr. Big) and Guthrie Govan, Marty Friedman (Megadeth), Alex Skolnick (Testament), and Mark Morton (Lamb of God).

My teaching qualifications are a PG Cert in music higher education from Middlesex, a BA (hons) in Professional Musicianship from BIMM/University of Sussex, and a higher diploma in guitar from ACM.

At ACM I studied with Pete Friesen (Alice Cooper), Pete Callard, Dave Kilminster (Roger Waters), and Jamie Humphries. At BIMM I studied with Guthrie Govan and Jim Clark (now at Guitar-X).

If you’re interested in having guitar lessons with me, please email me.