Guitar Performance Skills

A great performance is one where you share your personality with the audience. It’s about working well with the rest of the band, getting a great sound, and connecting with the crowd.

Learning to move on stage doesn’t mean learning cheesy stadium rock shapes (although I know hundreds of those too!). It means having the confidence to express yourself on stage instead of nervously staring at the fingerboard. I’ll teach you to perform in a way that feels natural, so that you’re exciting and engaging to watch.

A great sound is a subjective matter, but there is a skill you can learn in making sure your guitar blends well with the other instruments, so you (and everyone else) can be heard clearly. You don’t need expensive gear, but you do have to know how to use your gear.

"Feel" is a mysterious word for musicians. We’ve all heard musicians being accused of playing perfectly but having no feel. Subtle differences in your timing and expression on the instrument identify your feel. Everyone has a natural feel, and it’s something you can work on, so the audience feels it too.

If you want to fine tune your performance, or you want to overcome stagefright to get on stage for the first time, I’ll help you do it.