Guitar Techniques

Presumably you want to play the guitar because you heard someone else do it and thought it sounded wicked cool. For me that moment was in Back to the Future, and I thought electric guitar was the most awesome thing on earth from that day to this.

Technique isn't important for its own sake - whatever YouTube tells you, there are no prizes for playing scales. I'll help you to develop your technique so that you can play the music that excites you. Whether that’s Dave Gilmour’s string bending, Hendrix’s double-stops, Angus Young’s power chords, or some mental shred, technique will get you there. But the music is what matters, not the technique.

Technique also means making everything you do sound great. The riff to "Seven Nation Army" is not hard to play, but can you make it sound as killer as Jack White? Can you play one chord and make the building shake like Pete Townshend? It’s those skills that mark out the top players. It’s that final note in a solo that screams out climactically, and if you get that right, then you rock.

Of course, if you want to play fast, I’ll help you with that too. Then we’ll use it to make music.